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12 Thoughts to “My Background, Education and Career Path: Biochemistry and Business”

  1. Diana S

    I don’t know if you would be willing/able to do this but I would love a general recommendations video of good and/or bad brands/or ingredients to look for in sustainable skincare and cosmetics! I’d love to be more educated from someone with such a specialized background!

  2. kurochi chan

    Oh god, this video makes me wanna try and study biochemistry after programming like my goal was, but sadly I never did well on chemistry tests 🙁 I used to be good at biology and had an 8 but at my new school the teacher just didn’t click and my grade became a 3 ;( It’s super interesting to hear how you kept going in this direction and how you’ve succeeded! Because I personally find chemistry hard to learn I’m currently thinking about using programming later on to make skincare related apps, because my dream job is still in the skin area, thanks for reminding me about how interesting and fun this area is! So glad I found your channel (even if it was through jaclyn hill) <3

  3. Sara Shahnazi

    girl we need you to drop that skincare routine!!

  4. Lindsay Elizabeth

    This is so fascinating! Thank you for sharing!! I’m excited to try your skincare brand when it re-launches. As someone who is very conscious of what she puts on her skin and how safe it is, this is so refreshing! Thank you for being awesome!!

  5. heidee francisco

    You have a big heart ms.kenna!!! 😍 i am grateful ive found your channel. Hoping for your business to be successful. You are good inside and out because you are thinking about our nature and being hands-on in your business is a number one characteristic of a businessman, not just selling items without any idea abt the produce the process etc. . . Tell us more about “breadfruit” (am i correct? sorry thats how i heard it)… also can you do some DIY skincare products. Im into mixing essential oils cure for headche body pain etc and ilove it!!! Keep it up ms.kenna!!! 😍😀

  6. Renza M

    Loved this and honestly want to check out your skincare line so I hope you get that manufacturing going soon! Good luck.

  7. Ashley Rose

    Hi Kenna, I’ve been watching your channel since I came across the Jaclyn hill video. But all other videos after that have been very informative and I can’t get enough of learning. This may not apply to all of your viewers but I’m sure there are some that would benefit from this request. I would love and appreciate if you would do a video on skincare that is safe for pregnant women. I am six months pregnant and want to take care of my skin the best I can. Also wanted to see what you’d recommend as a spot treatment for stubborn pimples.

  8. HeyXueMei

    I would love to hear you talk about these topics Kenna:
    1. A series on specific ingredients. For example Vitamin A, B,C and E in skincare, retinol, hyaluronic, and other anti-aging products and how/if they work.
    oil based vs water based products
    2. Sulfates and shampoo ingredients and soap
    3. Organic vs non-organic ingredients and it’s effect on skin and health.
    4. Common ingredients to avoid, like a no-buy list.
    5. Preservative systems, how they work, which are considered good systems for health and product stability and which are preservatives to look out for/not buy.
    6. The difference between US and European regulations, why US allows more than a 1000 ingredients in food and skincare/makeup that are forbidden in Europe for health reasons. You opinion on this, and if you know any good sources to find these lists of forbidden ingredients.

    If someone agrees with me, upvote this so Kenna can see it and add more suggestions in the subcomments. Would love to see what everyone else wants to know about! 🙂 have you guys also thought about these?

    Thank you Kenna for daring to share your life and ideas with this big community This is probably chocking and overwhelming for you.
    Take a deep breath girl, we’re friendly and we support you. 🙂

    I’ve been running business since I was 18 years old. Don’t be afraid to talk about your company. I think most are very inspired and want to know more about it. And many of your learnings surely comes from doing that for years and years.
    Keep doing you.

  9. ninefifteen

    Biochemistry sounds so cool. Wish I took this route when I was younger and interested in how plants help us organically. So cool learning from you though! Love telling everyone about ph balances and what skincare to look for in regards to it :)!!!

  10. Chloe R


  11. jaesanshi

    As someone with super sensitive skin I would love to see you release a skincare line!

  12. Shayla Page

    is your cosmetic and skincare line still available to buy from
    just kidding I got to the point in the video where you say no.
    my bday is nov23 the day you released your line wow.

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