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My Melasma Treatment – How I Got Rid of the Brown Patches on My Face 949.428.4500 Hi I’m Mina, I am a dentist. I had a hyperpigmentation problem of my face that hit me after menopause. I went to another dermatologist she tried everything to get rid of my melasma. We did many different laser melasma treatments. The brown patches on my face would lighten and within 3 days they would come back. After trying every melasma treatment she had to throw at me I ended up with the same hyperpigmentation symptoms and then I basically gave up trying to find a cure.

One day I stumbled on to Dr. Pien’s website, AMA Skincare. Reading the reviews there were many other women that had the same pigmentation problems and they had gotten to the point where they did not have to wear makeup anymore. So I said, OK, for my birthday present I’m going to try and treat my melasma one more time. We did the laser treatment and I am a special case but the difference with Dr. Pien is that she has every different type of laser. It’s not like when you go to other dermatologists were they have one or two lasers and if you only have a hammer, everything is a nail. So they will try what they have. Dr. Pien has every possible laser to treat melasma that you can think of. She’s high tech and she is very capable but on top of that she is very caring. She cares about the results of her melasma treatments. She cares about the patients.

I was about to give up on getting rid of the brown patches on my face and she told me “you know what, let me try”. We tried little things and I am hyper-sensitive. What would work on a normal person would actually make me hyper react and that could be a very common thing with asians. For me, she worked with me to the point that I have no makeup on right now. Before, if I walked out people would think that I was Pippy Longstockings with all the colors and freckles and brown patches on the cheeks and everything. I would not be caught dead outside without makeup. Now I feel very confident, I can walk around without makeup on. I actually don’t wear foundation anymore I just put on sunblock.

The main thing is that, Dr. Pien is by far the best laser surgeon that is around in this area. She’s a great clinician, she’s a caring doctor. The staff is very caring and very professional. I swear by her. I know there are a lot of women out there that have lost hope on finding a treatment for their melasma. I know that they are thinking I’ve tried all the different treatments for hyperpigmentation and they are all the same. I have a lot of Asian friends who are in my same boat and I keep telling them I’m the guinea pig, look at my skin. I was the worst case. I’m telling you this whole area right here on my cheek was brown. The melasma is gone and it doesn’t come back. This laser hyperpigmentation treatment does work and don’t lose hope but you have to come to AMA Skincare because she will work with you. Everybody is different and requires a different laser treatment for their melasma. Don’t expect the treatment to be the same for everyone. It’s biological, you can’t expect it to be the same for everybody. The fact of the matter is, Dr. Pien will get down to the bottom of your hyperpigmentation problem and she will fix whatever you need to have fixed.

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare

Irvine / Newport Beach
2302 Martin St. Suite 400
Irvine, CA 92612

Beverly Hills / Los Angeles
6310 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 285
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Laser Treatment for Melasma



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12 Thoughts to “My Melasma Treatment – How I Got Rid of the Brown Patches on My Face”

  1. Saraswathi Harikrishnan

    Where are you now which place you did the tretment

  2. Aarti Laxmeshwar. Laxmeshwar

    Same problem doctor please number

  3. Aarti Laxmeshwar. Laxmeshwar

    Where are you are clinic please phone number

  4. Almaz T

    Please send me your address or phone number I can call you and get the information about the price.

  5. Prescilla G

    What laser did the doctor used on you?

  6. Nour Elchams

    How many treatments to get 100% zero melasma?

  7. Adela Ferando

    Where is her shop..? I’m leaving in Canada Vancouver Langley.

  8. VicLolit

    I got rid of mine naturally by detox or cleansing. I took 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 oz of water. I took this every 1 hour before my meals. I also used 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water mixture as my facial skin toner. This really worked for me. I hope it will also work for you but you have to be patient.

  9. Ethel Bunda

    After watching this video… It gives me an idea… That there’s still a chance to get rid of my malasma… Thanks….

  10. veronica baires

    Do you have any office in NY?

  11. everything is local and organic

    Where can I get this treatment??

  12. Korad Said

    I have melasma from pregnant so do you think it is the one you can cure? And I live Green Bay wiscounsin do you have branch in wiscojnsin?

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