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MY NIGHT TIME SKINCARE ROUTINE | How I got rid of the blemishes | Manasi Mau | March 2019

Hi guys, finally filming my night time skin care routine video, you guys had requested for this video since so long!!
Hope you are happy now :p

Products mentioned :
1. Simple skin micellar water

2. Body shop tea tree face wash

3. MamaEarth C3 face mask

4. O3+ watermelon glow mask

5. Nykaa skin secret sheet mask

6. MamaEarth bye bye blemish face cream

7. the Mom’s co natural vita under-eye cream

8. Neutrogena lip balm

9. Inisfree green tea mist http://bitly.com/2F92g3Y

10. Good vibes green tea revitalizing face cream


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Manasi Mau :

1. What’s my age : 22

2. What’s my height : 5’4

3. What’s the camera I film with : Canon 700D with 50mm 1.8 prime lens

4. Editing software : Adobe premiere Pro cc 

5. My education : Computer science Engineer

6. My current haircut : Bob with layers

7. What is the significance of “MAU” in my channel name :
Mau is not my surname it’s my nickname!


lashes : PAC M71

lipcolor : Maybelline nude nuance

nailpaint : nykaa (delicate daisy) https://bit.ly/2VT0QQm

jacket : shein

INSTAGRAM : manasi_mau1
GMAIL : manasimau26@gmail.com

Everything on this channel is created by the owner of this channel Manasi Ghosalkar, using any of the content without my permission is not granted.

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3 Thoughts to “MY NIGHT TIME SKINCARE ROUTINE | How I got rid of the blemishes | Manasi Mau | March 2019”

  1. Dr. Asmita Mandal

    most safest skincare routine.it will b so good for sensitive skin like me.thank u 🥰
    plz do a video on your fav makeup products

  2. Bhavita Modi

    I loved ur skincare routine. U said u don’t have oily skin but i think ur sister bharti di has oily skin. Maybe if u cn ask her how various products work for her if she uses lots of products bcz i hv super oily skin.

  3. Anjali Kajle

    Plzz make a vedio on Summer skincare routine

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