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My (Realistic) Evening Routine | Skincare | Veterinary Student

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Hey guys!! FINALS ARE OVER, I’m 3/8 of a veterinarian!
Not sure why I made this video in the middle of exams but I did lol
It’s my evening/night routine but I have to warn you guys, it is so realistic, it errs on the side of boring!
As a veterinary student, my life really does consist of only studying. On weekends that I don’t have exams I go out and do fun stuff (and maybe I’ll vlog that one day!) but for the most part I am an extremely boring, in debt grad student. I was definitely hesitant about putting this up because my apartment is not the most aesthetically please (one day I’ll get the typical white, gold and glass accented youtuber setting!) but I did wanna show you guys the reality! Being a YouTuber definitely makes me feel super glamorous but more important is being a student and I wanted you guys to get a feel for it!
On a typical day, I spend about 8-10 hours studying (up to 12 on days right before exams). I split it up and study at school/library or a coffeeshop for a few hours and then study for some time at home. I know it seems like hell on earth (don’t get me wrong, it is!) but if you love what you do, it not only makes it tolerable, but also worth it!
Also, it is definitely important to make time to have fun and take care of yourself! If you guys follow me on snapchat you probably know that I party a lottttt haha. I also love spending time with my family and friends and my hobbies include dance and youtube which takes up a lot of my free time.

If you guys have any questions about vet school or studying or anything in general, leave in the comments below!

For the skincare part, I like switching up the products I use because I get bored quite easily! Like I mentioned in the video, I’m extremely lucky to have not-sensitive skin – which basically means very few things cause me to break out *knock on wood*.
For this reason, I end up trying a looot of different products. However, I only mention the ones that I truly think are amazing and that other people would love. All the products mentioned in this video are cruelty free and work great for sensitive skin!
I also still use my oils for cleaning and moisturizing whenever I feel like switching it up. Oils will always be my day one.

I’m going to try to get some makeup videos up soon!!!!
Love you all!

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Or get the kit as a whole based on your skin type!

☆The Onesie I’m wearing is from OnePiece:

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☆If you are interested in ADOPTING an animal, please let me know!!!


Music By Julian Mae – Be Together
**All opinions are my own**

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