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My School Dress Codes

A look into the incredibly strict and weird dress codes I had in middle school and high school.

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5 Thoughts to “My School Dress Codes”

  1. Galaxy Girl

    2:43 Got a shirt with a cute picture of a turtle on the front?


    Got pants with the componies logo on it?


    Got a sweater with musical internments on it?


    Me a band kid:*Claps and laughs at pun*

  2. GKChase

    Shgurr, LME studios, and odd1sout uploaded in the SAME DAY?!?!

    Best day ever

  3. bluELFsuma

    I guess my school’s dress-code was “nothing but pajamas”.

    Anyone–from the US, most likely–remember Spirit Weeks? Where everyone at school is encouraged to dress like they escaped the mental asylum?

  4. Sad and Sadder

    0:00 to 0:09 Yes!! It’s called anxiety and I hate it

  5. Lucy Harding

    At my old school it was against the dress code to wear bows and I was like: “what must have happened for the staff to make that a part of the dress code???”

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