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Nanoparticles in Skincare – How can we avoid them? Should we worry?

Today’s video is a sort of requested one! Someone asked how to find sunscreens that don’t have nanoparticles/nanotechnology in them, so I’ve included that in this video along with what Nanotechnology is and how we can determine if there are nanoparticles in our sunscreens. Please note that I am in no way saying that Nanoparticles are dangerous – in fact the current evidence is not swayed that way – it will depend on the type of person you are as to which conclusion you come to – if you are a “live in the now” and don’t worry kind of person, Nanoparticles are fine in skincare lol, but if you are like me and constantly analyse things and worry about the unknown then you might feel more comfortable avoiding them!

Badger Balm sunscreen:

Deciem The Ordinary SPF:

Deciem NIOD Survival 30:

Andalou Naturals SPF:

Badger Nano explanation:

Study on Topical Nanoparticles:

Study on Nanoparticles & the dermal barrier:

Study on Titanium Nanoparticles:

Study on Inhaled Zinc:

List from EWG on cosmetics containing Nanoparticles:
https://bit.ly/2P3mC0g (Scroll down)

Makeup today:
IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light
Makeup Addiction cosmetics pigment in French Manicure
Clinique brushing blush in Innocent Peach
Too Faced liquid lipstick in sugar cookie
Earrings – H&M
Blouse – Morrisons

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One Thought to “Nanoparticles in Skincare – How can we avoid them? Should we worry?”

  1. Holly MoonWitch

    hi karen! sorry for the long comment….but I have been contacting several of the brands i use to enquire as to whether their products contain nanoparticles and thought you might like to join me in scratching my head at the variation in the responses! – facetheory were most helpful (if their info is correct!) they confirmed that none of their skincare contains nanoparticles and that according to EU law, the word ‘nano’ has to be included in the ingredients list if there are any nanoparticles in the product….. australian gold botanicals confirmed that they are pleased to announce that they dont use nanoparticles in their sunscreens……. neutrogena didnt seem to know what i was asking them, this was their reply – ”Nanoparticles can be anything around the size of inorganic molecule complexes and, naturally, all of our products contain some sort of inorganic molecule complexes at the nanoparticle scale. Do you mean microbeads? If so, since 2013 we have been working to remove polyethylene microbeads from every single product, and we’re on track to meet our commitment to be plastic microbead-free by the end of 2017” – it seems they dont even know what year it is! lol….. i also spoke to tarte cosmetics via live chat, i asked them the burning question and got told ‘no, i dont think they contain those’….. forgive me for not being convinced that they knew what i was asking! ….. hourglass cosmetics replied by just listing the ingredients in the setting powder i asked them about! how helpful!! – i am waiting to hear back from cerave and IT cosmetics, that should be interesting! – hope some of you guys find this helpful if youre looking into which products use nanoparticles! xxx

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