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New interesting skincare | NUDU Radiance, Exuviance Vit C, Shu Uemura

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8 Thoughts to “New interesting skincare | NUDU Radiance, Exuviance Vit C, Shu Uemura”

  1. BlackcatNZ

    I always get excited when I see “famous” you tubers using products made in New Zealand. We have a few natural skincare brands 🙂

  2. LittlePoet

    So lovely to see you, Amy…you have a pretty glow about you 🙂 YouTube made me buy it…it’s all fun. I am having such fun with skincare and makeup in my 60’s and I appreciate you adding to that joy every week. I am trying out a new Vitamin C right now but the capsules you showed look very good.Happy weekend! Susan

  3. cl stewart58

    Amy, those products you showed sound great. Let us know later on if you think they really work. Thank you.
    Amy, how have you been? Are you doing any better, I have been thinking about you and also praying for your healthy recovery.🙏
    Amy, have you tried any of the Ordinary products?
    Well, my dear Please Take Care of yourself and GOD BLESS YOU xoxo 😇❤

  4. Edna Flynn

    Very nice Amy I love that you keep it real and yes things that work for you sometimes won’t work for others xoxo

  5. Te Hegemon

    Hi Amy ~ GREAT video about these skincare products!!! Your skin looks gorgeous, so, whatever you’re doing clearly works with your skin. I’m so glad you raised your exceptional points about what works for one may not work for another. I belong to a couple Facebook groups that discuss skincare and beauty, and, I see people asking others for help. While it’s great to be able to do this, people should and must remember that we’re a virtual, digital community. We don’t see each other’s skin face-to-face in person. We’re not dermatologists or estheticians. We don’t know the ins-and-outs of what others eat, how they sleep, hygiene habits, what products they use on their face, how often, the climate their skin is exposed to on a daily basis — all these things and more that affect our skin.

    To speak about a specific case here on YouTube, there’s a mature woman who states she’s a registered nurse and uses a dermaroller on her lips. Many of her subscribers follow her lead. I find this absolutely shockingly horrific, because most have Internet access to do their own research to discover the pros and cons of an amateur-wannabe esthetician who pricks her lips thousands of times, if not more (there’s a LOT of tiny needles on a dermaroller). I read people should use numbing cream because it hurts. There’s blood because the skin is wounded. I’ve read about infections that doctors and dermatologists can’t figure out and don’t know what to prescribe. Yet, this older woman on YouTube who alleges she’s an RN strongly implies she knows better by dermarolling her lips. Unbelievable.

    This really bothers me greatly because this can be akin to exploiting the sad loneliness of elderly viewers who feel isolated and want to feel connected. For those who do not get out often, or, rarely at all, who watch these YouTubers, subscribe to them and think they can trust them.

    Another mature YouTuber sells cheaply made, highly overpriced, and, dare I say *unappealing* jewelry to her viewers. I watched one video of someone who bought a statement necklace (this was more than enough on its own merit) and was deeply hurt and troubled that this buyer wanted to feel as if she belonged somewhere. She was clearly cash-poor and went on more about the seller than her necklace. It broke my heart. I understand people doing things to feel as though they matter, as my mother did this with the advent of those television shopping networks.

    At any rate, thanks Amy for welcoming all our thoughts and opinions. This video in particular gives me an idea for a future video for you. I’ll be in touch and wish you and your followers a lovely day!!! ♡ xoxo


    I am in the war against my hyper pigmentation, and I very much appreciate this video! I love drunk elephant right now (baby facial and c firma) for dark spots…..I am starting the hydroquinone again at night and I’ve ordered Nia24 serum which is supposed to help depigment as well. Just some more suggestions from a terribly pigmented, melasma covered aesthetician 💙

  7. Lisette Trela

    Thank you for reminding everyone that we’re all individuals who have different skin types and sometimes completely opposite skincare needs. I appreciated that very much, Amy. And, oh my goodness, age does make a difference as to how my skin reacts certain products. Some products I used in my 30’s irritate my skin or do nothing for me, now. (I’m about to celebrate my 49th, this month.) On the other hand, I’m having so much more fun with taking of skin now. It may be that I have a little more time. (And A LOT more motivation!) LOL!!
    Amy, you look like a ray of sunshine! Have a beautiful Thursday! Hugs from Dallas! 🌸

  8. Ranalynn Naipo

    Amy…thank you for this great skincare recommendations ✅🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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