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Our ProCharged Corvette Hits The Dyno… Bald Eagles are ANGRY!

Oh boy, is that the bald eagle machine I hear??
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5 Thoughts to “Our ProCharged Corvette Hits The Dyno… Bald Eagles are ANGRY!”

  1. USN_Ret 84-05

    James, are you hiding a NOS bottle under your shirt?

  2. bill nalder

    Any way you could fit that fuel pressure gauge right against the windscreen?

  3. boxed fenders

    I was going to recommend you guys donating a portion of that food to food shelves…I’ve had to get food from them in the past during harder times and let me tell you it was RARE to get some name brand snacks. You’re going to make some families VERY happy so props to you guys! 👍👊
    19:54 you could push this across the finish line…or tow it

  4. Whack bag

    I forgot how gorgeous the white C7 was… Damn that’s a fine lookin automobile.

  5. Longrod McHugendong

    “Father timing” haha can we please get a shirt with Jeremy as father timing

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