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5 Thoughts to “PE Teacher Requires Girls to Wear Bras”

  1. Darnelly Daniels

    Parents so sensitive these days … the teacher was right not being funny puberty hits girls at different ages and many young girls start developing form 8/9🤷🏾‍♂️
    But Adrienne was right here

  2. Darnelly Daniels

    Jeannie and her *Panda eye* 🐼🤣

  3. Nawal Baswedan

    Wow. I cannot believe parents are upset about it. The world is becoming so ridiculous

  4. sirenblack

    Shouldn’t you as a parent know that your child needs a bra or crop top?

  5. Marie DC

    Wait, girls are not wearing sports bras in p.e.?

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