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PLAY! Smarts Crash Course | Skincare by Age: 40s

PLAY! SMARTS: Your beauty education, delivered.

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This live class from PLAY! SMARTS is all about perfecting a skincare routine tailored to your age range. Join us as Beauty Director Jeffrey English takes us through this PLAY! SMARTS box that’s full of skin-loving products that fight signs of aging in your 40s.

Products featured:
Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment:
Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream:
Kiehl’s since 1851 Glow Formula Skin Hydrator:
Volition Beauty Detox Silt Gelee Mask:
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil:
Tatcha The Water Cream:

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6 Thoughts to “PLAY! Smarts Crash Course | Skincare by Age: 40s”

  1. Jeffrey Sephora Pro

    Thank you all so much for hanging out with Ivy and I! I hope you enjoyed getting try all of the amazing goodies!

  2. Cenise X

    Cleansing sounds like such an important part of the regime, I would love have more info on cleansing as well as cleansing products.

  3. Dana Dane

    I just turned 30. My lifestyle is about prevention. I eat a plant based vegan/ovotarian diet full of superfoods, especially for skin, and think ahead on all levels including skincare. I got the 40’s and 50’s boxes. It might just be anxiety talking but am I going to get too far ahead of myself with products and by the time I hit 40’s / 50’s will I be out of luck? Will I burn out my skin by using too many powerful products too early? I’m kind of counting on scientific advancements in the next 10 and 20 years.

  4. Leysa

    The Luna Sleeping oil smells was so bad!! 🙁 I’m really trying hard to like Sunday Riley products but so far I have not been impressed. The smell and texture of this one is a no for me. The other product I tried was the Rapid Flash Brightening Serum which was ‘meh’. There are much better serums out there. Maybe I will have better luck with the Good Genes.

  5. Tatcha

    Thank you so much for featuring our beautiful skincare discoveries! 💜

  6. Alicia Jungwirth

    I never comment & I just had too! Looking young for my age runs in my family so I’ve never been sure what skincare I should be using. Usually I get guessed at a good 10 years younger than I am but lately I’ve felt my real age catching up to me so I got this Play Smarts. Only been using the routine a week & it’s amazing!! My skin looks radiant & plumper, I’m so happy with it! I’ve never going without my products now! I’m so serious, this is the reset I’ve needed in my life right now, seems silly but it’s such a boost in your confidence when you know you can look & feel your best in your own skin! THANK YOU! And Jeffrey, love you! I watched the other videos just to see you, you’re the sweetest 😁

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