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PRESSURE COOKER | 6 Dishes Tested by 2 Chefs

You guys have been asking us to test out a pressure cooker for ages now, so we got our chefs, asked for your fave pressure cooker recipes, and gave it a go! Do you have a pressure cooker? What are your fave things to cook in it?

This is the pressure cooker we used:

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5 Thoughts to “PRESSURE COOKER | 6 Dishes Tested by 2 Chefs”

  1. SORTEDfood

    Find out about our BRAND NEW cookbook A.M. Menu:

  2. Sushma .V

    Pressure cookers are used widely in India !! It’s a staple in my mum’s kitchen and we do a lot of things in these including cake !!! Loving the content of the videos guys but can you please do an ultimate Indian food battle ?? I think it’s about time 😉😊

  3. Silja Vahtokari

    Ben: “Lid on and cook under pressure..”

  4. ChocolatTherapy

    i just love the combination of a grumpy james and an overenthusiastic ben doing stuff together lol

  5. The Ghost

    James’ face when Ben mentioned the potato council lol. I under-appreciated this guy for time.

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