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Race Week DAY 1: Check In and Racing – Ruby and Leroy Make AWESOME First Passes!

Here we are on Day 1 of Rocky Mountain Race Week! Leroy and Ruby throw down some awesome first rips, and survive for the drive to Denver!

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5 Thoughts to “Race Week DAY 1: Check In and Racing – Ruby and Leroy Make AWESOME First Passes!”

  1. 79tazman

    Cleetus you gotta show us James and the laptop restricted video LOL!!

  2. Oliver Lewin

    Last week at work I finally nailed something that had been bugging me. So I yelled “hell yea brother!”. From the other side of the workshop I heard, “you are on the Cleetus Mcfarland Youtube channel”. A good chat was had 😆

  3. Stan Chase

    Should have let James crank Rubester on up a notch to get closer to the 8.5

  4. Let It Reign

    *we did as much preparing and planning as we could.*

    Jumps golf carts, rides sketchy bmx bike. Lmao 😂

  5. 710thcentury digitalboy

    you should swap out leeroy’s current old clunker horn for a proper iconic “awooga” horn.

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