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Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 3

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Thanks for the insights Matt!

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5 Thoughts to “Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 3”

  1. Chris_h _

    As a builder, I’d love to see layout drawings, to get a scope for how massive it is and your vision

  2. James's Games

    Matt: “The YouTube audience thought I’m loosing my sanity”
    Mere: “So did I, but that’s nothing new”
    I thought that was real funny.

  3. demitrius dixon

    You should put a lazy river in your backyard?!

  4. Matt Risinger

    Thanks for having me on the show Matt! And thanks to the Demolitia for getting us connected! Stay tuned for more on this Epic remodel soon.

  5. Shane Asghar

    Matt’s probably gotten 20 tv show offers from discovery channel and now HGTV is gonna he knocking on his door 😂😂

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