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5 Thoughts to ““Señorita” Behind The Scenes – Part 2”

  1. Angela Lee

    I feel like Shawn was nervous the entire time and Camilla’s just being Camilla 😂

  2. Mame Saye's World

    4:11 when the dude gets rejected by Shawn and just Pat’s him on the back like nothing happened 😂😂

  3. PixiePia 6

    3:34 look how tiny Camila is.Their height difference is just too cute😍

  4. Micaela Clifford

    1:25 Shawn saying WOW basically means:

  5. Melissa Morales

    My favorite part was at 4:31 the way they hold hands and the way he’s looking down at her… That right there was so pure and beautiful😍 They definitely have feelings for each other like come on! It’s something that you can’t hide😭

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