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Shelf Life of Cosmetic Products

Hey Science Babes! Today I am discussing the shelf life and use after opening period for various skincare and makeup products!

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8 Thoughts to “Shelf Life of Cosmetic Products”

  1. Zayna Altakawee

    Can you freeze your skincare products?

  2. Jules

    Do you have any idea about makeup, hair, or skincare products at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s? Are they safe to use? A lot of it seems like it’s at the end or close to the end of its shelf life. Would love to know your thoughts!

  3. Denise Douglass

    Don’t working makeup artist have ways of sanitizing makeup between clients? We can do it too. Still, I’ll be mindful with new purchases, especially skincare.

  4. Kaycee Byers

    I’ve spent so much money and time researching and buying skincare products without ever really feeling the most confident that I knew what I was doing. I really appreciate your videos as I feel that now I am gaining a true understanding of skincare, slowly but surely, and I’m finally thinking about products and ingredients in an objective way. Thank you for your time and efforts!!

  5. The Bouhbouh

    Thank you Kenna! Love your videos! If you can, can you make a video about alcohol in skincare &makeup please? Keep up the good work!

  6. Jacinta Pradera-Lopez

    I would love to see a video of you talking about LUSH cosmetics skincare products:)

  7. Brandi Lee

    I definitely watch my products for smell and color and performance but usually I will keep it until I notice something is off about it. Skincare I go through regularly so I’m not too worried in that department.

  8. Kat Bowen

    Is there a way to determine how long a product has been sitting before use? I’ve always been told places like TJ Maxx with highly discounted makeup is usually at the end of its shelf life and probably not good to use. Thoughts?

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