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Skin Care Tips – by dermatologists


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As you can see, skin care is as individual as you are. Everyone will have their own unique skin care range including their favorite cleanser, moisturizer active ingredient, and even procedure. Mine is depends on the season, I like a more fluid moisturizer like LRP or La Roche Posay light Hydraphase during summer, and Obaji Hydrate during winter. Procedure wise- I keep my routine simple. VITA or vitamin A peel once a month, and Picosure Focus once or twice a year. Minimal downtime, maximal results.

Here are some other skin care tips-

1. Avoid hot showers that can be drying. I never wash my face with hot water–it’s too harsh. Only tepid-warm water at the sink, I don’t scrub my face as it can be irritating.

2. Hydrate your skin from the inside out
Despite what you hear all the time, the amount of water you drink daily doesn’t translate into proper skin hydration. It’s vital to hydrate your skin from the outside in with a moisturizer.

3. Apply sunscreen to your neck, chest, ears and hands first.
Apply sunscreen to the neck, chest, and hands before the face–these areas age faster and are harder to improve than the face. Don’t forget your ears- especially for men. We often forget to apply sunscreen there even though they’re exposed as much as the face.

4. Let your lips guide your skin care routine. One tip to know when your skin is ready for seriously creamy moisturizers: Your lips feel dry first, so you know the humidity has dropped, and it’s time for more moisture. A great all round lip moisturier is Lucas Paw Paw ointment, or for more serious hydration Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream. Did you know this was designed for her horses? True- Google it and you see she initially made this cream formulation for her stable of horses.

5. Never fly without SPF and a good moisturizer. Regardless, a daily sunscreen should be part of your routine, however did you know that UVA goes through airplane windows? Cabin humidity is low in all airplanes, and hence I use a extra hydrating moisturizer after every flight.

6. Keep your skin care simple if you have sensitive skin like eczema, seb derm, or rosacea. Using products like AHAs and vitamin A can, and often will flare up your condition. See a medical dermatologist for skin care tips. For skin rejuvenation in these patients I often use lasers- V Beam Pulse Dye laser for rosacea, and Picosure Focus or Clear and Brilliant are gentle lasers that actually work!

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Dr Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist Brisbane, Australia.

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3 Thoughts to “Skin Care Tips – by dermatologists”

  1. LCorinneA2983

    I know this was posted about a week ago but I really hope you answer this question!!! I have melasma pretty bad, what would you recommend to lighten it up or even take it away??? I’m all about my skincare routine, I use a very basic face wash, followed by rose water mixed with Secret Key(Korean brand) milk toner, then Dr. Dennis Gross ferulic acid & retinol brightening serum followed by Luxmi creme du nil pore-refining moisture veil & then sometimes I’ll put an oil over that & on alternating nights I use Khiel’s clearly corrective dark spot solution in place of the Dr. Dennis Gross serum… On my eyes I use the Dr. Dennis Gross ferulic + retinol triple correction eye serum followed by murad hydro-dynamic ultimate moisture for eyes or my Caudalie polyphenol C15 anti-wrinkle eye & lip cream… For my daytime routine I use the same face wash followed by my rose toner mixed with Cosrx(Korean brand) AHA/BHA toner & let that dry a little then go in with my Omorovicza Queen of Hungary mist, followed by my Dr. Dennis Gross clinical concentrate radiance booster mixed with Boscia cool blue hydration essence, then Guerlain Abeille royale dark spot corrector pore minimizer serum, & then Drunk Elephant hydra b moisturizer mixed with Belief’s aqua bomb or SU:M37(Korean brand) water-full rebalancing gel lotion, & for my eyes I use Ole Henriksen total truth vitamin C eye creme with a pure hyaluronic acid serum by IPKN once my eye cream has absorbed in… Oh & for my SPF I use the MDSolarsciences mineral creme SPF 50 UVA-UVB!!! I do have other serums & moisturizers that I’ll use on certain days that I feel like, but for the most part these are the main products used daily, which I know is a shit ton of products but I really do love taking care of my skin & skincare in general!!! In your professional opinion am I using way too much stuff or is it ok to have all these steps in my routine or do I need to make it more basic, Thank You sooo much in advance if you respond & help me out!!!

  2. Brian R.

    I think you are absolutely right on not using one brands whole line. I pick and choose from medical grade skincare. I like Obagi, SkinMedica, Skinceuticals. For Sunscreen I like the Elta Md Clear. What do u think of serums Dr. Lim? I know they are the most expensive of the skincare lines. I think serums are worth splurging on. Thanks!

  3. Suzana1026

    Thank you for sharing this video and your skincare routine. What treatment did you say you did for pore reduction.. i did not catch that.

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