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SkinCare: about HIGH FREQUENCY, Microdermabrasion, EMS

Learn what electrical facial tools are available that could maximize skin regimen results, stimulate, and exercise facial muscles. New 5-in-one multifunction facial machine is available for firming, beautifying with maximum capabilities; used with skin care creams. It could be used while it is plugged in.
High frequency machine (Tesla) is great for acne treatments; this one is self grounded, so the esthetician would not shock the client. Most clients reject the high frequency machine because they are afraid to be shocked. This feature helps retain the acne clients for the full series of the acne regimen that will have positive acne clearing results.
About the microdermabrasion machine options: crystal or diamond; what’s the difference: the diamond is better used for sensitive or sensitized skin. Guest speaker: Alen Khachatryan, video by BeautyHealthTravel channel.

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