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Skincare in your 40’s | Rodial Tutorials

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Skincare tutorial by Head of Education, Kyle Raymond, on a recommended skincare routine in your 40s.


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In your 40s, this is when you begin to see the more advanced signs of aging such as deep coarse lines and wrinkles and the depletion of elastin in the skin. You need to focus on using more complex treatment products to combat these stubborn signs of aging.

Step 1: Double Cleanse
Choose a cleanser based on skin type and concern.
For a cleanser that suits all skin types and is gentle on the skin – Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water
Cleanser for dry skin – Stemcell Super-food Cleanser –
Cleanser for brightening and treating pigmentation – Super Acids X-Treme Exfoliating Glycolic Cleanser –

Step 2: Serum Layering
Layer up your serums after cleansing, starting with the serum that tackles the skin concern you would most like to treat.
To target lines and wrinkles, apply 2 pumps of the Bee Venom Super Serum. Allow to completely absorb into the skin before applying your next serum layer.
Use the Pink Diamond Instant Lifting serum to lift, firm and rebuild elasticity.
Apply a small amount of the Glamoxy Snake Serum to areas of concern to target expression lines and freeze and smooth the skin.

Step 3: Apply Eye Cream
Apply a small amount of Bee Venom Eye gently around the orbital bone to improve deep lines and appearance of dark circles.

Step 4: Moisturise
Apply the Bee Venom Moisturiser to treat deep coarse lines, improve elasticity and re-densify the skin

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  1. Miss Panda

    Great video. It’s nice to see a skincare video for mature skin. There’s not enough out there.

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