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Skincare On A Budget | An Esthetician’s Guide

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Video on “How To Make Your Own Facial Oil”


I really tried to bring to you as much information as possible, but I’m sure I left stuff out… ask aways 😉 please keep in mind if you ask a question I covered in the video you may not get a reply because I could be replying to the same question multiple times. I apologize for the color shifts in the video I use natural lighting for the most part and it’s constantly fluctuating, but I hope the information compensates for that. Ciao Dolls! ✌🏼😽






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12 Thoughts to “Skincare On A Budget | An Esthetician’s Guide”

  1. Vanessa Flores

    I really wish i could pay for your services for acne, i feel lost in my skincare😶

  2. Jbbx18

    Can you talk about ingredients that should be avoided in skincare ?

  3. Ashley Jeanelle

    Oh PLEASE show us your skincare products you enjoy! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I’m almost done with esthetician school and would really, really love to see what you recommend. I have the exact same theory with skincare as you do! 💕💕💕 Would you be willing to message me if you don’t want to do a video on it?

  4. Kelby Amanda

    What about a video on skincare for your body to get that glowing even skin? Love you btw

  5. Naomi

    Hey, I’m 17 years old and I’m obsessed with skincare. Since you are a esthetician, I want to know your recommendations for cleansing devices. Currently, I’m interested in a Foreo Luna 2 or Luna 2 pro, I’ve seen review videos but rarely seen Luna 2 pro reviews. I currently have an Ultimate Skin Spa System from Vanity Planet. I don’t think I have sensitive skin because I mostly use it on the high settings and my skin doesn’t get red. I don’t know my skin type yet but I think I’m leaning more to combination skin. When I look up close in the mirror my pores are enlarged in my nose and in between my eyebrows are and the pores in my cheeks are really small. I mostly get acne on my T-zone and a little on the forehead. I rarely get acne on my cheeks or chin. When I wake up, I wash my hands with anti-bacterial soap and touch my face. I mostly feel oil in my nose and forehead but in my cheeks its dry. I know for the Foreo Luna 2 they have a device for normal skin and for combination skin. However, I don’t know which to get which is why I’m considering in buying the Foreo Luna 2 Pro because it says it is for all skin types. Also, I don’t know if the Foreo Luna 2 or Luna 2 Pro give a deep cleansing. Speaking on deep cleansing, It would be nice if you do a video of deep cleansing as well. Hopefully, you answer this comment.

  6. Cristina Menendez

    I honestly don’t know what I’d do without your educational videos. I literally had the worst skin and had no idea what a regimen was and then I found you. You are direct and just honest and your videos I literally recommend to all my friends. Now I hate demanding for more videos but I really hope you come out with an everyday skincare routine that can go underneath makeup, or like a specific moisturizer or sunscreen. I have the exact same skin type as you and I’ve been using the bare republic sunscreen you mentioned in another video and I love it!!!! , but it’s sold out at target for months! I just hope you can suggest another, I’ve done extensive research and haven’t found one like it 🙁 thank you so much for your videos they bring me so much happiness!!!! 😊😘🤗❤️

  7. Kelli Layne

    I’m 15 and you help me feel beautiful even though I’m working on clearing my acne! thank u thank u thank u

  8. Dianna Honey

    thanks so much for this. I really struggle with facial sunscreen idk if you could recommend one. It burns my eyes and the last one I used broke me out. I am so clueless when it comes to skincare so thank you. Also what spf is the minimum you would recommend for the face.

  9. Lauren Petrie

    Thank you for making this video! I just ordered some new products and I’m so glad I bought an AM and PM moisturizer (with and without SPF) like how you recommended in the video!

    As far as skincare devices go… this question is for my mom. She recently bought a device called “Nuface”. She had a stroke 15 years ago and her face isn’t as firm on one side than the other (due from the side that was affected from her stroke). Is this device worth it or should I suggest a retinal treatment for her?

  10. Candy Peterson

    I wish I could put you in my pocket and have you go to the store with me…I never cared about my skincare until I fell upon your videos! what a wealth of knowledge!!

  11. Sugar Magnolia

    your smile is so beautiful! I would LOVE to see more how to make your own ____ like the facial oil video you did!

  12. MsSummerAlyse

    I was researching the other day on skincare and I had this problem about what to spend my money on. So glad I came across your channel!! I definitely will check out your other videos because you are dropping a lot knowledge girl. I want to get a better skincare routine cause my current one is result-less, lol.

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