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Skip the dermatologist! 2 step skin care system!

WELCOME TO TIP TUESDAY!!!! I seriously have searched high and low for products that are 1. COST AFFORDABLE 2. PRODUCTS THAT REALLY WORK AND 3. SOMETHING THAT HAS GREAT REVIEWS ON, and guess what I FOUND THEM!!! Also tips for a great summer tan, soft lips, great skin high lighters, and a pair of shoes you won’t want to pass up. PLUS we are doing a FREE give away with Naughty Monkey. Who needs some new summer wedges!???
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2 Thoughts to “Skip the dermatologist! 2 step skin care system!”

  1. Amanda Carreiro

    I went to the dermatologist because my skin was breaking out in these hive like bumps everywhere! They were so itchy and I didn’t no what to do. The dermatologist looked at my skin and prescribed the same thing!! Cerave skincare is the best!!!

  2. Yvonne

    Carlie I know this is off topic….but can you please tell us about you and Steve? I think people are itching to know! Thanks for the skincare recommendation as well

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