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5 Thoughts to “Sotheby’s, October 5th 2018”

  1. Funkdoctor

    Also, i am afraid that people will now pay even more for this piece of art, lol 😀

  2. anthony booth

    I want to see the actual video uninterrupted/unedited pure reactions from the crowd. Regardless if Banksy orchestrated this with Sotheby’s years ago or not, it still happened.

  3. moldypizza

    White haired guy at 0:49: “Well played, Banksy…”

  4. JDM Imports

    hope he wiped his fingerprints off it .. the law have been after him for years!

  5. David Goliath Media Publishing

    great marketing ploy , and publicity stunt awesome work of art for the publicity point of view!

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