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5 Thoughts to “Special Bridal skincare routine||Bridal beauty tips||bridal skincare tips for glowing skin|Malayalam”

  1. Jisa Suresh

    Kuttikalil weekly once egg white apply cheyunnath nallathano age 10…shampoo kuttikalk etha nallath…home made shampoo okke use cheyan pattumo

  2. Ashraf Priyam

    hii disha hw r u? endupatty kurachu nalayallo kandit.njanipo dilshayeya nokunne.njanipo dilsha paranja routine cheyyunnund.(idaik stopaipoi)enkilum nalla matamund keto.thankz.

  3. Ramya V

    Hi sister..I newly saw your videos from last week..all videos are too good from that I started using your’s facewash.. it changed my skin tone better and I started to use it regular..Ok I am also ready for your challenge..Surely I will share my result..Thank you so much for your nature products using skin care routine..😊😊😊

  4. krishna priya

    chechi ethu agela skin hair oke nanayi care chyan tudagiye😍😍😍😍

  5. beuty world malayalam

    Chechi hostel girlsne ulla skincare routine parayumoo plz 😭😭😭 chechi

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