Enhance Skills 

So, You Want To Make Skincare Part II

Do you need additional training and education to create skincare and cosmetics? In part I we explored different capacities for creating cosmetics. These range from personal use to the global market. We also covered determining whether you have enough money to invest in your skincare business, or if you need to earn money to invest. If you haven’t seen part I of this series, be sure to watch it at this link. https://youtu.be/yIcX0-QLhuE Today, we are going to look at whether you have enough training or education to create your…

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Howto & Style 


OPEN FOR MORE INFO & WATCH IN HD ♡ hiii everyone!! so this is MY personal education journey. there are multiple ways you can go around to get the degrees you want. everyone has their own path and their own timeline! I focused this video more towards the younger audience who don’t want to delay finishing their education, however, there is NOTHING wrong with going back to school at a later time! it’s never too late to follow your educational dreams 🙂 also, do not start the RN vs MD…

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