Don’t Pretend Play at Prison!

It’s one thing to be the most wanted person, but it’s another thing to pretend play it towards someone else! โž” ๐Ÿ‘• NEW MERCH!: โž” SUBSCRIBE: โž” SECRET WEBSITE!: โž” GUAVA TOYS: โž” GUAVA GAME FOR FREE!:! โž” GUAVA JUICE BOX: โž” MUSIC: Social Media! แƒš(ฬโ—‰โ—žเฑชโ—Ÿโ—‰โ€ตแƒš —————————————————————- โž” TWITTER: โž” INSTAGRAM: โž” FACEBOOK: โž” WANT A SHOUTOUT? (โ”›โ—‰ะ”โ—‰)โ”›ๅฝกโ”ปโ”โ”ป Thanks for reading the end of this description!

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