Enhance Skills 

Hydro Dipping A Pair of Crocs

Obviously… the main problem with my hydro dipped pair of crocs is that they are just too cool to even exist I’m kidding we for some reason picked up acrylic spray paint instead of regular spray paint, although I’m not 100% sure if regular spray paint would work better or worse, probably just differently or at least not crack and flake off as easily. But yes I wound up with just essentially painted crocs WHICH IS STILL BADASS AND YES I LEAVE AN ART TRAIL WHEREVER I GO. But will…

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Enhance Skills News & Politics 

Bullied Teen Gets Sweet Surprise at New High School

A 15-year-old Tennessee boy was surprised with gifts from his classmates after they learned he’d been bullied. Azzy Robinson was the target of bullying a few years ago and it tore him apart. “[It] made me feel like I was worthless and didn’t really mean anything to anyone,” Robinson told Inside Edition. His mom said Azzy became “reclusive and would sleep all the time.” But when Azzy switched schools, his new classmates wanted to do something nice for him, so they surprised him with presents.

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Howto & Style 

Skip the dermatologist! 2 step skin care system!

WELCOME TO TIP TUESDAY!!!! I seriously have searched high and low for products that are 1. COST AFFORDABLE 2. PRODUCTS THAT REALLY WORK AND 3. SOMETHING THAT HAS GREAT REVIEWS ON, and guess what I FOUND THEM!!! Also tips for a great summer tan, soft lips, great skin high lighters, and a pair of shoes you won’t want to pass up. PLUS we are doing a FREE give away with Naughty Monkey. Who needs some new summer wedges!??? Please like share and subscribe to my face and I will love…

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