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My Fear Of Spiders Nearly Cost Me My Life

★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED: This is Mike, and he has a small problem that you might be familiar with. He’s arachnophobic, which means that he’s terribly afraid of spiders. Even the word “spider” gives him the creeps if he says it out loud. However, he learned to live with his phobia after one dangerous episode. This is his story. Mike had been afraid of spiders all his life. Some people with the same problem explain that some past scary episode with a spider prompted their phobia, typically when a…

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Come With Me on My Afternoon Walk | Vlog Anti-Aging Skin Care

Come with me on my afternoon walk as I enjoy a gorgeous summer day and the fresh green air. I also chat about skincare and answer a question I get a lot from my viewers about my skin. I got so many requests for another vlog walk so I’m so happy to share another one with you all. I love to stay fit while I embrace nature and enjoy the fresh air and I want to inspire you to do the same. I hope this video will motivate you to…

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