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5 Thoughts to “The Art of Flaking”

  1. Kyle Justin Hernandez

    hey dom there’s a youtuber called domiics. I think he’s grabbing your content.

    Quick Edit:YUP HE GRABBIN YO CONTENT though some videos the title has a “-domics” at the end of his videos check it out.

  2. Mo Su

    How much you wanna bet Domics got some awkward texts shortly after posting this video. “Hey Dom, was your last video about me??”

  3. Megumi Su

    Did Dom go through puberty or smthn??

  4. Twenty Juan Pilots

    Plot Twist: *He’s flaking on his friends right now by making this video on flakers.*

  5. NomNums Sweets

    Bullla Shitttt -Domics 2k19

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