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The Auction Corvette Attempts an 8 SECOND PASS Part 4 **Bald Eagle Alert**

Ruby making progress 🙂
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5 Thoughts to “The Auction Corvette Attempts an 8 SECOND PASS Part 4 **Bald Eagle Alert**”

  1. Plateni

    I wanna see Cooper do a pass in Leroy
    That would be 10/10 quality xD

  2. tscooter22

    I think this was your best upload. Very entertaining!! Great job, gang!!

  3. Ahmed Alansari

    Cleetus brother, Thank you for this content, You have just made thousands of people smile for a whole 36 minutes in this monday morning. Keep up the good vibes brother 🙏

  4. Dakoda Morgan

    Cooper: OMG
    Kevin Hart: he wasn’t ready!!!!

  5. Eric Anderson

    If Coop can put down a faster time than Cleetus in Leroy, Cleetus has to daily a Japanese car for a year

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