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The Ultimate Commentary Video (w/ Kurtis Conner and Danny Gonzalez)

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I GOT to gooby

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5 Thoughts to “The Ultimate Commentary Video (w/ Kurtis Conner and Danny Gonzalez)”

  1. S.L. The Coffee Addict

    G – Hollywood
    R – Isn’t
    E – Untouchable
    G – Anymore

    Just look at the Jeremy Renner app

  2. Ash- Bob

    I wasn’t ready for the Devil to pop up into that Christian movie.

  3. StickItToTheMan120

    if you close your eyes, it sounds like they’re one person talking to themself

  4. kim myungjun’s

    is it a coincidence that they’re all good looking and a bunch of idiots?

  5. LexX TV

    The Christian dance movie should have been called the devils tango…I’m just saying

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