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The Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen

Hey bunnies! It’s summma time! Are you wearing an efficient sunscreen? This video will guide you along the way on to finding your ultimate sunscreen. Good luck and don’t burn out there! xoxo Mish

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sunscreens in this video
Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50
Coola Sunscreen SPF 30 Cucumber Matte Finish
3LAB ‘Perfect’ Sunscreen SPF 55 PA+++

Music by Marie Digby “Your Love”

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11 Thoughts to “The Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen”

  1. Dreamer

    I want to wear sun-cream, but it’s either getting one that’s nivea… or getting one that’s Korean XD

  2. meedy92

    +Michelle Phan Thank you for your wonderful informative review of all these sunscreens. By any chance do you have any suggestions which sunscreen may be best used by men? I have acne prone skin with an oily t-zone & I often get beard stubble when I don’t shave for a day or two. I currently use nutrogena ultra-sheer dry touch sunscreen (SPF 85+). However, this formula & the other ultra sheet nutrogena sunscreens I’ve used had a very thick white consistency which left which marks/residue on the face. Especially when I had beard stubble & tried rubbing it in. It also made my face appear a bit oily/shinier due to it’s thick consistency. As a result, I have been coping with this by not putting it on as often & when I do I would put a little in my palm, rub my hands together (till there is a thin light film) then pat/compress on my hands on my face to apply. It’s a bit inconvenient & troublesome. If I’m not careful it can leave smudges on my shirt if not washed right away.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!! :))

  3. pistachiOHNO

    Super helpful video, thanks!
    I was wondering if you could make a video about skincare tips / foundation routine for people who have extremely dry/oily skin?

  4. DorcoUSA

    Sunscreen and skincare are extremely important! Thanks for sharing your knowledge of SPF with us! Keep posting these great videos! We’ll be watching!
    –Your affordable razor brand, DorcoUSA*com

  5. HeyItsHannah

    Why? It’s just sunscreen, she’s trying to get out the message that sunscreen is important and it helps prevent you from cancer. And it should be part of everyone’s skincare routine..

  6. Ellie May

    Can you do $20 skincare challenge please?

  7. greco0ful

    yeah .. update skincare routine !

  8. JanineRebecca13

    PLEASE do an updated skincare routine 🙂

  9. Sara Leigh Keating

    Awesome Michelle, thanks!

    You just confirmed what i already know as a skincare consultant. The only thing I’d add is that the physical sunscreen cause flash issues when taking photos. Classic white face when you’re actually tanned or spent ages on your make up…

    Love your videos! Mwah

  10. emily

    i love how you have been posting more videos lately ^.^!!! you are a big inspiration of mine and i love learning more about beauty/skincare from you , never ever stop making videos please c:

  11. J Lam

    thx u so much michelle you help me soo much ever since i discover you on youtube
    thx god i discover you last year before i started wearing makeup and doing skincare
    i learned so much before i even started touch makeup and skin care
    thx you so much
    from : julie 😀

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