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Toast’s Engine is HERE… Biggest BIG BLOCK We Could Find! **FREEDOM OVERLOAD**

Well there ya have it folks… officially the largest engine in our shop thanks to Blueprint Engines!

Toast’s New Engine –
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5 Thoughts to “Toast’s Engine is HERE… Biggest BIG BLOCK We Could Find! **FREEDOM OVERLOAD**”

  1. ratherbeboating10

    Blueprint: Sure let’s let them test this one.
    *Blueprint guys watch this video*
    Blueprint: What did we just do…

  2. Lextech Lighting

    💯💯 Use the Camaro old engine in the pond bogger and build it into a swamp thing.


    I’m calling for the 468 to go in a Honda to show the boostedboiz how it’s done 😂

  4. Apple flavoured bleach

    Edit: Thank you so much for the likes guys.

  5. Brandon Tucker

    Is it a coincident that that’s first motor had 632 on the valve covers and the new motor is 632ci ?
    I think not!

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