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TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea

My last full day in Jeju and I’m going to end it with the traditional Five Day Market. Here you can find all kinds of food, ranging from doughnuts to seafood, and all are super fresh!


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5 Thoughts to “TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea”

  1. Paul H. Kircher III

    Go tell it on your other website for just hanging out.

  2. Elsie's Custom Creations LYNS

    Kkwabaegi are amazing. I make them for our family and friends. Korean twisted doughnut are hands down the best. American doughnuts are so greasy and heavy. Kkwabaegi are the polar opposite of greasy and heavy. I’ve converted self proclaimed doughnut haters into doughnut lovers with mine. 😃

  3. Sahajahan Mondal

    Hi I like your so . I olso like to open food chlan .thes y I need youer halp pleg halp me .pleg col me mi number ig 6295267534 or 7719173556 I am foum India.

  4. Heavens Devil

    Don’t be greedy give your camera-man some food

  5. Khris 1873

    Is that a flower torilla 5:16 What ingredients do i just to make it. I can only eat soft food thats why i ask.

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