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Trevor’s Night at the Oscars – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

What do you do when you see Beyoncé walking toward you at an Oscars party? Not this.

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5 Thoughts to “Trevor’s Night at the Oscars – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show”

  1. Susi Baum

    All those brave people in the comments who never admired someone: wow you’re so special. much awesome.

  2. Mei Misaki


  3. Rayes

    Beyonce a good person really Trevor? She pay her dressmakers from Sri Lanka $1 a day that’s not a definition of a good human being

  4. WhatAWorld

    Trevor is the most humble, lovable, funny, intelligent, adorable cutie.

  5. Aaron Baneseh

    Where she’s going is not to me. 🤣

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