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Trying Hair Braiding Tutorials

Here are the links to the videos I followed:

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6 Thoughts to “Trying Hair Braiding Tutorials”

  1. Mari-Kate Page

    I know this is a silly video, but on a real level…i felt this real deep lmao. I’m serious. This has been a “real” struggle for me. I always felt silly trying to do things like this to my hair but now I know it’s not just me…lmao

  2. Johnny Yellow

    I think i just saw Jesus and Riff Raff in the same video…

  3. lillie

    im russian/ukrainian and you bet i came to school everday having my hair in these hairstyles bc my mom would NOT let me wear a basic hairstyle skdjsksk

  4. soleia sano

    “bounce me mommy” & “put some whipped cream on me cuz I’m an apple pie” made me loose my shit 😂💀

  5. Mette

    What helps with pulling the braids out, is only pulling the outer part of each strand if you know what I mean. It doesn’t work that well if you pull the strands from each other, you have to widen each strand so that part of the strand is longer and makes it puff up

  6. […] Hair Braiding Tutorials being published on… awesome boyfriend braid braiding braids crown dutch follow following french funny hairstyle how to […]

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