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Ultimate BBQ Sauce Taste Test

Our ultimate BBQ sauce taste test will get you through summer at the grill!  GMM #1560
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* Head Country Original Flavor:
* Famous Dave’s Original Flavor:
* Bulls-Eye Original Flavor:

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5 Thoughts to “Ultimate BBQ Sauce Taste Test”

  1. ddt

    You guys should have done this one blindfolded and chosen either A or B…. That way it would have been a proper reflection

  2. Mr. Peaches

    Ok did anyone see Rhett’s chicken wing just straight up pee itself at 7:01?!!?

  3. Angelathefirey

    I didn’t expect to see Head Country! We buy it by the gallon here in Oklahoma.

  4. Zero the gacha person

    I feel like at any second Rhett is just gonna shove the whole drum in his mouth 😂

  5. kelseyluvscheer

    Everyone defending Kraft and getting upset that it was called “mass produced” hasn’t tried all the other sauces…or just hasn’t had good bbq in their life.

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