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Unboxing Cheap vs Expensive Products from Five Below!

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10 Prank Products That Will Fool Your Friends! ➡

Join us today on DOPE or NOPE as we make complete fools of ourselves testing products from 5 Below and Target! :joy: We had a blast filming this video and want to know which store YOU think has better products. Let us know down in the comments below! :the_horns::skin-tone-4:


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5 Thoughts to “Unboxing Cheap vs Expensive Products from Five Below!”

  1. kim sheldon


  2. dontias dusty ass hat

    Reason I stopped watching Matthias is tanner he is constantly trying to be the center of attention and Brian was chill he knew when to be funny and when to let Matthias talk

  3. Kate Keable

    Down below

  4. Kid__#292

    Noice Hatz my dudez.

  5. Ainz Ooal Gown

    Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

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