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Watch Samsung unveil the Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s first foldable phone costs $1,980 and goes on sale April 26. Here is the announcement at the company’s event in San Francisco.

Samsung’s foldable phone is here!
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5 Thoughts to “Watch Samsung unveil the Galaxy Fold”

  1. Manuel Mato

    Seems like a tablet that can turn into a phone rather than a phone that could turn into a tablet

  2. Such A Noob

    6 cameras!

    I can finally shoot 6k

  3. Such A Noob

    JerryRigsEverything will have a field day bending this thing

  4. Thomas Grewar

    I’ve decided to make a YouTube comment,

    *pause for applause*

    thank you.

  5. AJ Welsh

    Well it didn’t explode count that as a win.

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