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What order should I apply my skincare?

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Skincare Tips From An Esthetician – How To Apply Skincare In The Right Order – AM/PM Skincare Guide – How Do I Take Care Of My Skin? Video Recap:
Hi, my name is Shannon (Make-up By Shannon Marie) and I’m a licensed esthetician and make-up artist living in LA! In this Client Confessions video – I’m going to show you an esthetician’s “basic skincare routine” we’re going to talk about the correct order to apply skincare, how to layer skincare and how and when you should apply your skincare products! I’m going over the actual way to apply skincare and showing you how I take care of my skin (and my clients skin) Hope you enjoy 🙂

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2 Thoughts to “What order should I apply my skincare?”

  1. Erik Men

    omg i been using my Skincare wrong this whole time :p heres the pm ?

  2. Holly Dicharry

    Love this! And from someone who knows what she’s talking about! Skincare and TRUE statements are super important to me. I have a degree in biology and skincare is so important to me. I love learning new things, thank you!

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